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A doula is a trained professional who provides with continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and her family from pregnancy, through birth, up to the first year of life of the child.

A birth doula “mothers the mother,” by providing continuous, non-medical, non-judgmental, personalised support.


About me 

After years of studies and work as a Doula in London,  I decided to move to Italy and continue my journey, supporting women and their families through parenting, from early pregnancy through the first year of their babies’ lives.

I will be by your side supporting the choices you desire to have for yourself and your child.


I'm Doula because:


Because I truly enjoy walking by your side during this wonderful journey.

Because birth is powerful and so are You. 

Because no one should feel alone in this path.

Because I love baby cuddles.

Because birth excites me.

Because mums have to be looked after in this period.

Because I love my job and the relationships it creates.



First Aid 2020

Doula iscritta all'Associazione Professionale Mondo Doula (DLG 4/2013)

Nutritional therapist 2019

Placenta remedies specialist 2018

Mindful Rebozo trained 2017

Mother warming workshop 2017

Red tent doula birth and postnatal doula 2017

Animatore Sociale 2013

Tecnico dei Servizi Sociali 2013



My services are flexible and I prefer to tailor packages according to client’s needs and wishes so please get in touch to discuss further.​

Some of my clients are single mums, some are second-time mums, some wish for home births, some wish for natural births, some wish for planned caesarean births, some have twins, some want to read every bit of information possible, some just want to enjoy the experience without the noise, no matter where you are coming from I will be by your side every step of the way!

Birth Journey




This service is dedicated to the future mother and her birth partner.

Together we will explore your options and choices on your journey to birth.

The aim of the antenatal sessions is to guide the couple towards a path of awareness, offering the necessary tools to face physical, psychological and relational changes as peaceful as possible.

I will be by your side, if you want to deepen your knowledge of labour, childbirth and the arrival of the child in the family.


I will be on call for you (24/7) and a continuous presence during your labour until your baby's arrival, supporting you and your partner both emotionally and physically. I will be protecting your birth space and make sure you are well looked after.


During the last few years I have had the opportunity to support women of different nationalities and religions during the postpartum period, supporting them in whatever choices they made for them and their babies.

I now offer postnatal support for clients around Bologna.

My work as postnatal doula includes the following services: debrief of your childbirth story, emotional 'first aid', night doula support, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support, orientation towards your parenting choices, cooking nutritious meals, help with the first bath, nutritional advice, caring for your newborn/s,  practical help at home and family support with older children and pets.

I will do all I can to make sure you can focus on yourself and your baby during the early days.

Nutritional Therapy




My experience with many families in everyday life has aroused in me more and more interest in wanting to also take care of my clients from a nutritional point of view. 

For this very reason, I obtained my certification in Nutritional therapy.

Some of my clients ask for my nutritional expertise throughout their journey from pregnancy through to postnatal stages whilst healing their bodies.


I firmly believe that balanced and personalised food habits can make a difference in the preconception period, during pregnancy and after childbirth.


I am here to support you and your family with nutrition advice during various moments of your life, even for your baby during weaning.


Graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine - Nutrition in London .


Gift a Doula Service

Buy a 'Doula Package' for a mum, during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period.


Gift the new family a voucher for a Doula service.


Don't hesitate to call me for more information.

Everything can be personalised.




F.Z.. - Maggio 2020

Sara è una ragazza molto preparata e disponibile.

Mi ha dato subito molta sicurezza.

Ho richiesto una consulenza via Skype per approfondire l'argomento parto, in quanto sono al sesto mese di gravidanza e i corsi pre-parto non sono stati ancora confermati per via del Covid-19.

Sara mi ha spiegato con molta chiarezza tutto ciò che riguarda il parto e il post parto,  si è mostrata molto competente  rispondendomi con chiarezza e completezza a tutte le mie domande.

Mi ha anche messo al corrente di cose che non sapevo, e chiarito alcuni punti che non mi erano chiari.

Mi dispiace solo che siamo lontane da non poter usufruire totalmente del suo servizio, ma la consiglio sicuramente anche solo per una consulenza virtuale che è senza dubbio di estremo aiuto. Grazie Sara!



Thanks for your message!

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